Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Pro Aging-Practices-Procedures

Part 2


"Get Your Glow On"  a desired mission condition in global cultures -universally translates into dewy-plump (youthful), even tone-non-spotty, healthy looking-I woke up like this selfie worthy skin.

Along with products with 'clean' ingredients, and the quest to combat signs of aging courtesy of-stress, lack of sleep-social media jet lag (yes a thing-tv binging, Instagram addiction-blue light screen savagery), environmental pollution (urban dwellers especially), poor eating-living habits-UVA-UVB sun exposure, smoking, and genetics -the 'Glow On' derma goals are the guiding light direction of many new treatments.

We strongly feel that ditching some of the insane pricey creams/lotions that might take months to work  on the upper epidermis layer of the skin's appearance- and opting for one or two- non-ablative/or mildly ablative laser treatments with real positive visible results immediately and over a few month's time-  treating even the lower dermis 2nd skin layer (the 411) ...AND THEN using effective-inexpensive skincare products (sunblock especially-plus buzzy products with retinoids, peptides, anti-oxidants)-in air-tight packaging (no open jars)-plus good living habits...
-are the most value pro-aging neck-up ways to turn back the clock a decade or so.
Back of hands and neck/decollete are popular treatment areas too.  FYI-skin is usually numbed up prior-but at this event-we just had the back of our hands done fairly aggressive...without. Felt like rubber band zaps...tolerable.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Practices of PRO-AGING Pros


Some the latest ingredients and trends in skincare, healthy hair and best beauty bets-from the NY Society of Cosmetic Chemists (Javits Convention Center) + Halo by Sciton, Alastin, GlamSquad NY Media Presentation 

 It's always interesting (to us) reflect back on what's remembered from the slew of information and new products soaked up at  NYSCC Supplier Days. 

Attended by loads of skincare+ cosmetic brands looking for the next 'it' ingredients, this two day affair gets very little mainstream press-but imo-is a good indicator of current trends and future skin/hair/beauty biz products. 
And the major issues of companies- including regulations/compliances

Therefore- standing out the most -was learning that not only does the FDA practically do zilch with regards to banning chemicals in the afore mentioned cosmetic product categories...(10 vs EU's ban of  1700 chemicals plus-and another 100 or so not yet reviewed chemicals reviewed by member countries annually-including- this year- Titanium Oxide-often used physical sunblock we slather on-fyi don't inhale it )...but also that the FDA does not legally require-demand manufacturer cosmetic recalls like the EU counterpart does...but issues warning letters (hello legal precedent-class action lawsuits)... and monitors said "voluntary' recalls...apparently.

No wonder USA consumers clamoring for simpler-'natural'-organic ingredients, smart ingredient labels (like P&Gs SmartLabel™)-and in general-the real 411 on production+sustainability methods of manufacturing. Pretty obvs- consumers have learned to not totally rely on Federal government for personal safety-protection. 

Part Two

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Best+Fastest Makeover

It's Not What You Think...
No -we're not talking $ plastic surgery-but a much easier+wallet friendly way-to turn back the clock-5-15 years(+) for something  maybe more important than your selfie enhancement procedure--- customizing a fav pair of shoes.

A new lease on life-retrofit...of any footwear (just about) healing required-for those Sex In The City era pumps,  Burning Man-runway worthy comfort sandals,  moto boots that have lost their grrrrr, athletic boots worn of their functional pop...
and for even added snazzy swagger of drab dress shoes for truly personalized work-to-play style. 

VIBRAMs SOLE FACTOR Program and current tour is the solution.

Simple to Follow Custom Repair Steps: peruse the Vibram outsole option types-available online...and mail or bring in a pair to one of the many designated cobblers-available coast to coast-who can add serious sass (eye-candy patterns -colors) serious grip (the amazing ice clutching Arctic Grip)... AND practically plush cushioning... to most kinds of kicks.

Monday, May 14, 2018


Yup-even the hair brush-born over a millennium plus ago-gets a re-boot with a fab scalp hugging curve design for a better untangling of wet or dry tresses.

Available online. and at salons-including co-leading light- Angelo David (Pisacreta) Salon -created with Jacob Guttman of Creative Tools 
Affordable+ re-usable for stressed out-environmentally harassed scalps-now delivered---The FLEX BRUSH promotes healthy hair growth with its cool curved shape that massages all sizes of scalps, and takes the knots out of all hair types -from the fine to thick- real or otherwise (like wigs, RHO...worthy extensions, etc).
PLUS the super lightweight, vented design- enhances air flow from blow dryers.
Also a great tool for dry brushing imo-...helps shed dry skin cells to smooth+brighten- and reportedly improve the body's lymphatic systems...and is perfect pet brush for shedding felines/canines.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sharp Looking Points!

There's something about pointy toe shoes-the pictured below-not the pictured above-that make these easy wear slip-ons- comfy citified cool!

top pick-major gushing for these Piper silver metallic leather mule-sandal hybrids-with a manageable 2" sexy heel. $199 Wear these beauties with just about any summery outfit. Summit White Mountain

These could be THE summer shoe staple-for city streets...Summit's KADE-has rather sensuous v-cut on the upper-adds major serious chic to these flat-ish (1.5" heel) pointy toe shoes -in black, silver or platinum-made in Italy too! $159

Get crafty -Pikolinos adds beautiful embroidered details...on the BARI leather slingback design-with all day comfy cushion liner. $170 


Friendly food takes on savory flavors-have broad appeal-with just enough detectable/delicious zing for mild to fiery palates.

Sabra hummus goes great with a lot-like crunchy chips, crackers, hunks of bread, and cut-up veggies-though perhaps not pen caps.
Hummus-a chickpea based dip- re-invented as an All-American staple from its Tahini--Mid-East heritage-IMO-courtesy of Sabra...when their hummus landed in refrigerator aisles back in the first 21st century decade. Now part of the "Pepsi generation' -it's flavorful varieties are available in assorted sizes-including snack sizes with pretzels-practically everywhere food is sold.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Savory spices-from distinctive fiery to sweet n' tangy-flavor BBQ sauces and the latest  popular crunchy snacks.
New-Top Picks To Fire Up Palates: